Minding the Great Big Gap

Alex Underground

He might have left a great big gap in our hearts, but Ph

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Brian Homepage 2

Welcome to our new website. After Phil died, I knew I needed to update and

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A New Start

new start

I’ve been elbow-deep in health and safety, e-learning and medica

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Christmas Greetings

christmas greetings

Wishing our wonderful clients and friends a very Merry Christm

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Mind the Poverty Gap

poverty gap

Thanks to you, our friends, clients, colleagues – and eve

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We Are Pleased To Announce

pleased announce

Sayer Hamilton are proud to announce a major(ish) new s

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Delays to This Service

delays service

Last night, a huge storm took out our power during a record

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The Dream Team

dream team

Phil and I have just recorded an ad together (well, it was a retag

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A Winning Weekend for Phil

weekend for phil

This weekend was a very special one. Phil and I have at

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The Incredible Mr Bridge

mr bridge

A “shout out,” as we say on the wireless, to

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Mind the Poverty Gap

Today is the final day of fundraising for our “Mind the

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