Minding the Great Big Gap

Alex Underground

He might have left a great big gap in our hearts, but Phil’s heavenly voice is still there… guiding his precious boyos across London. <3   Click here to see the video. &n

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Brian Homepage 2

Welcome to our new website. After Phil died, I knew I needed to update and refresh the old one, but it took me a while to get going with it, and as anyone who’s lost a spouse will know, th

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A New Start

new start

I’ve been elbow-deep in health and safety, e-learning and medical narrations for much of January, and it’s been lovely to see so many clients returning to Sayer Hamilton to use m

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Christmas Greetings

christmas greetings

Wishing our wonderful clients and friends a very Merry Christmas! Thank you for all your love and support throughout the year, and for placing your valued business with us, as we continue th

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Mind the Poverty Gap

poverty gap

Thanks to you, our friends, clients, colleagues – and even some commuters! – we managed to raise an astonishing amount in Phil’s memory, which was donated to Emmaus Bolton for them to

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We Are Pleased To Announce

pleased announce

Sayer Hamilton are proud to announce a major(ish) new sponsorship deal with Turton Tigers Blues U12s. If their biggest fan can’t be there on the sidelines in person (adding his own ini

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Delays to This Service

delays service

Last night, a huge storm took out our power during a recording of the latest Underground station announcements, which means I’ve had to apologise for the delay to the service which apo

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The Dream Team

dream team

Phil and I have just recorded an ad together (well, it was a retag of an old one, but the effect is the same, although the outtakes weren’t as good.) Wonderful to hear his voice down t

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A Winning Weekend for Phil

weekend for phil

This weekend was a very special one. Phil and I have attended the annual VOX conference for voice and audio professionals for the last 14 years, but for the first time ever, I didn’t h

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The Incredible Mr Bridge

mr bridge

A “shout out,” as we say on the wireless, to someone who has done amazing things for us over the last few weeks. When Phil and I talked about his future retirement, we knew that

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Mind the Poverty Gap

Today is the final day of fundraising for our “Mind the Poverty Gap” collection in memory of Phil. I originally set it up for friends and family to donate to instead of sending f

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Sayer Hamilton – Open For Business

sayer hamilton

Only Phil Sayer could announce the train delays which stopped people from arriving on time to his own funeral. Following a fitting, loving and deeply sad send-off last week, Ellie (and our t

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