Sayer Hamilton – Open For Business.

sayer hamilton

Only Phil Sayer could announce the train delays which stopped people from arriving on time to his own funeral.

Following a fitting, loving and deeply sad send-off last week, Ellie (and our two CVOs, Alex and Ben) will be back in the studio from today onwards, continuing Phil’s wonderful legacy of producing top-class audio with excellent service and a healthy dollop of good humour.

Since Phil passed away, we have had several enquiries from people wishing to know if we are interested in finding a replacement voice. Although we recognise that there will be a small number of top-ups required by certain clients in the future, we are working closely with them to achieve a solution, and are not accepting auditions.

Unless you can make a mean Sunday roast, recite the entire Monty Python back catalogue from memory, be a shining wit, generous to a fault, a companion, confidante, and amazing father, we are not interested in replacing Phil, no matter how good your voice is. We have no wish to replace the irreplaceable. He will always be with us, but leaves and enormous gap for us to mind.