Keeping the Cords Alive.

All over Twitter and the internet at large, other voiceovers are sharing their blogs about which foods or drinks help or hinder a vocal performance. Many voice over artists the world over go into great detail giving their own voice over tips to others, which is very helpful to many.

We tend to be pretty busy here most of the time, and haven’t usually got a great deal of time left over to write about these things (we sometimes update our own blog as often as annually, if you’re lucky,) but it’s interesting to dip in and out to see what works for other people, and every voice is different.

Many blogs state that a good tip is to cut down on coffee and wine. This is why we don’t like those blogs at all.

However, one tip which we heard the other day (and which was new to us) is to eat licorice before a session. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to do, but I tried it on Phil and it’s working absolutely brilliantly for me so far. Things have never been so quiet in our office.

I heartily recommend it.