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All Your Voiceover Needs Covered

It always surprises me how many applications actually need voiceovers - I don't just mean WHERE you hear them, such as on the radio, TV, internet or on computer games. I mean, how many different companies there are, and how they all benefit in their own way from having professional recordings made - whether it's a large arena needing to announce their latest acts down the telephone, to smaller, more specialist companies who need a bit of a web video recorded to grab the attention of their visitors online. You can always tell a professional job when you hear it, and it does make a difference.

Here at Sayer Hamilton (UK Voice Talent Extraordinaires) we'll always do our utmost to record your voiceover scripts EXACTLY as you want them - and if you're recording us by ISDN we'll do take after take if that's what it takes (err, if that makes sense.) It's performance without the prima donna at Sayer Hamilton - no matter if it's a 10 seconder being aired at the lowest Equity radio rate, or the most highly paid TV commercial, everyone gets the highest level of professionalism and courtesy. We'll do everything we can to find a time slot which suits you well, and you can have as many takes as you like within it.

Corporate narrations are generally recorded here in our own time (but we can set up an ISDN link or phone patch if you want to listen in), and we tend to guarantee a ‘same time next working day' turnaround (but let us know if yours is more urgent than that... we'll squeeze you in sooner if we can.) We love how varied our voice work is, and we're always excited by new and different projects.
On Friday afternoon, I recorded some educational material for schools (in Spanish!), on-hold prompts for Tesco Mobile, a commercial for an organic farm somewhere dahn sarf, followed by one for breast enlargements (no, they weren't joining forces on chicken fillet retailing, before you ask) then a training programme for an accountancy software package, rounded off with an impression of Saffy from Ab Fab... remember her? In between all that, Phil was recording and editing a lengthy narration all about Health and Safety on oil rigs, among other stuff. Diverse? I should co-co. And we love it.

Elinor Hamilton



Posted By: Ellie
19 January 2011

The Heart of New Street.

Phil - former "Announcer Man" at Birmingham New Street, and the voice of railway stations up and down the UK - had a great time as a guest of Ed and Rachel on Heart Breakfast, Monday 21st September 2015, as they celebrated the opening of the fabulous new station.

Have a listen to the highlights! :)

Huge thanks to the whole team at Heart West Midlands for their splendid hospitality. A lovely (and unusual) way to spend a Monday morning!


Posted By: Ellie
24 September 2015

A Winning Weekend for Phil.

A Winning Weekend for Phil. Blog Hover
Clockwise from left: Turton FC's Phil Sayer Trophy, The VOX Veteran Award 2016, and The Sayer Producer of the Year Award, won by Ben Davis at Global Radio.


This weekend was a very special one. Phil and I have attended the annual VOX conference for voice and audio professionals for the last 14 years, but for the first time ever, I didn't have my right hand man beside me.

At the evening's awards ceremony, brilliantly masterminded by Posy Brewer, Stevie Cripps and Rob Bee, and hosted with flair by the fabulous Marc Silk, we were all very proud to witness the very first ever Sayer Producer of the Year award being given to Ben Davis at Global Radio, after a very moving video tribute to Phil, and a spontaneous standing ovation.

I was even prouder to accept the very first VOX Veteran award for my fabulous partner in crime, to recognise his support to the industry as a whole. An emotional evening, but no less than he deserved. Thank you, VOX team.

Later that weekend, my hangover and I were slightly dreading the Turton Tigers football presentation, consisting of 12(ish) 10/11 year old boys and their siblings all squealing together in a pub, but it was another lovely afternoon - not least because of this. Another award has been created in the name of Turton Tigers U11s' most loyal supporter (and kit sponsor,) Phil Sayer, which is to be given every year to a child who makes plenty of effort and never gives up - just like the man it's named after. Our two boys play on the team, and Phil never willingly missed a match. Even when he couldn't be there, he insisted upon receiving score updates by text. We all miss his hilarious pitch side commentary - which was not always focused on the action on field, but often on the state of the opposing team's parents' choice of haircuts and tracksuits.

Even more wonderful was the fact that the panel had decided that this year's worthy winners were our two sons, Alex and Ben, jointly, for being brilliant team players and always putting in 100% for the Tigers even in the darkest of times as they lost their beloved Dad. 

Although we are taking some time to get used to losing Phil (and it goes without saying that we miss him every day,) to see him not only remembered, but admired to the point of having trophies named after him in two of the places he was most at home - in the glitz and glamour of the voiceover industry, as well as in grassroots football - confirms to us all that we are very lucky to have had him in our lives. If only we could have kept him for longer.

May his memory, his influence, and his voice, live on for many years to come.


Posted By: Ellie
28 June 2016